City of Jena

​City of Jena

100,000 inhabitants, two universities and the Paradise
25,000 students fill the city with life, motion and future. A city you feel good in, Jena is naturally referred to as 'my town' not only by those born and bred here. New arrivals are soon seduced by the charm of the place and its people.
The Jena flair is characterized by a unique blend of old and new, a remarkable share of green and those narrow old lanes, stairs and nooks you suddenly come across.
Moreover, an enchanting landscape close to the city offers unique pleasures for the eye and opportunities for relaxing and recreation, whether on foot or by bike. The 'Paradise', a landscape park along the bank of the Saale river, is only one of the many choices. Last but not least, the exciting cultural scene and a charming pub district add fresh traits to the character of the young, old city.