Accommodation in Jena

​Living in Jena
Jena is a city brimming with student life. Supply of, and demand for all forms of accommodation are great – whether it is a flat shared by five persons, a room in a hall of residence, or a rented flat of your own. Once you have registered for a study in Jena, you should not lose any time and try to find a place to stay. Suitable ways are browsing the Internet or using the large pinboards in the buildings of Jena's two universities. It makes sense to come to Jena well in advance of the semester start: many flat-sharing communities would like to get to know their potential new flatmates, so fix on a time and date, while also exploring the city!
Student Services
The Thuringian Student Services Association operates quite a number of halls of residence. Especially those at Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 8 (right on the Campus) and at Siegfried-Czapski-Strasse 2 (not far away) suggest themselves to EAH's students. Many more halls of residence are situated in other parts of the city. All rooms are completely furnished single rooms, forming part of 2- to 5-room flats with shared kitchen and bathroom. You can apply for a room early, even before your registration has been accepted. Do it the easy way by visiting the website of the Student Services Association. There you will find further details about the situation and furnishing of the houses.
Housing associations
In and around Jena, eight housing associations offer flats with modern amenities, mostly at affordable rent. They may be located in the city, in a satellite suburb of high-rise builings, or in places in the environs. Some of these associations are:
  • Wohnungsgenossenschaft Carl Zeiss
  • Heimstätten Jena
  • Wohnungsgenossenschaft Saaletal Jena e.G.
  • Jenawohnen
  • Wohnungsgenossenschaft "Unter der Lobdeburg"
  • Örtliche Wohnungsgenossenschaft

Hot tip! At the start of the new semester, rooms and flats suitable for students are very much in demand. It pays to start your search early. Browse the list of links on the right for further recommendations.​​​​​​​​​