Research Activities

Entrepreneurship research is an important activitiy field of the CIE. The research topics can be subsumed to the following:
  • Entrepreneurship education
  • Academic entrepreneurship
  • Innovation management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Small business management
  • International entrepreneurship
The connecting element for all research activities is the analysis of key success factors for the rise and sustainable existence of innovative start-ups. The resulting research themes comprehend investigations in start-up intentions of students and scientists at universities.
In this way, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship conducted divers student surveys in several German states as well as  on international level with the help of universities in Japan, Portugal, Brazil and Namibia.
Furthermore, an important role plays the research in the general conditions of universities suitable for the afford of new enterprises. It comprehend studies upon the effective and efficient transfer of available potential in knowledge technology.
Another important research activity is finally the development and testing of new teaching concepts in the education of founders. Therein, the focus is on methods that enable action- and experience-based learning.