Entrepreneurship Education


The seminars of the CIE aim to increase student’s awareness on the option of self-employment as well as to convey the knowledge and the skill sets to successfully create and lead an enterprise. These seminars provide an overview of the entrepreneur's role in society and pay attention to the importance of entrepreneurial thinking.
The focus of education is on the following key competences:
  • Expertise (mastering specific knowledge)
  • Methodological competence (mastering learning- and work-related techniques)
  • Social skills (mastering communication and cooperation techniques)Social skills (mastering communication and cooperation techniques)


In detail, the CIE offers the following courses for students from all departments of the university:
  • Lectures on the role and importance of entrepreneurs
  • Lectures on new venture creation and business plans
  • Trainings in opportunity recognition and business idea development
  • Trainings in soft skills such as presentation and communication skills
  • Business simulation games