You studied at the Jena University of Applied Sciences? You want to keep in contact with the EAH Jena and / or meet your fellow students again at some time? This is an interest we share with you. Therefore we make it possible for you to entertain or re-establish contacts with your former fellow students. One way of doing this is by entering your name and address into our mailing list.

Are you looking for competent partners, or qualified staff, to solve tasks in research and development?
Do you want to win over students for working at your company?
Would you like to use modern labs and technologies for your R & D efforts?
Do you want to have a synopsis of the research conducted at and transferred by the EAH Jena?

The ServiceCentre for Research and Transfer gladly offers you information, contacts and assistance.

Do you want to be kept up to date in your trade or profession? We offer you practice- and problem-oriented further training.

Do you want to found a company? Perhaps you are already self-employed? Jena University of Applied Sciences offers a varied scope of assistance with regard to setting up a business of your own.

Do you want information about the EAH Jena? Please ask for our brochures.


Contact persons at the departments:

Business Administration

Prof. Martin Bösch Martin.Boesch(at)
​Fachschaft / Verein: Alumni BW

Elektrical Engineering and Information Technology  

​Prof. Burkhard Voß Burkart.Voss(at)
​Alumni website: Alumni ET / IT

Mechanical Engineering

​Prof. Martin Garzke Martin.Garzke(at)
​Fachschaftsrat MB:


Medical Engineering and Biotechnology

​Prof. ​Michael Meyer Michael.Meyer(at)
​Alumni website Alumni MT / BT



​Yvonne Guddei Yvonne.Guddei(at)
​AO Förderverein: Alumni SciTec


Social Work

​Judith Kunze Judith.Kunze(at)
​Martina Neubauer ​Martina.Neubauer(at)
​Alumni website: Alumni SW


Industrial Engineering

​Prof. Hubert Ostermaier Hubert.Ostermaier(at)
​JWI Verein:
​Alumni website: ​Alumni WI