1. What are the admission requirements for a degree course at the UAS Jena?
To be admitted for studying at the UAS Jena, you require a higher education entrance qualification, whether without or with subject restriction, as obtained with an appropriate leaving certificate from a secondary or high school. For studying an engineering subject you need to have completed a relevant vocational training or 8 to 12 weeks of a relevant work placement. Applicants for the Ophthalmic Optics study course are required to have completed a vocational training as opticians. Applicants for the Nursing/Nursing Management distance study course should have a recognized nursing certificate and have completed 2 years of employment in nursing.
2. Where can I get informed about the study courses offered?
You find all informations about study courses here.
Various information brochures can be obtained from the Service Centre for Student Affairs and the Study Counselling Centre during their respective opening hours.
3. Where can I get the application forms and information needed?
On this website, on the pages of the Service Centre for Student Affairs.
4. When should I file my application?
For the winter semester: between 1 May and 15 July of the respective year.
For the summer semester: between 1 December of the previous and 15 January of the respective year.
5. How long does a degree course take?
The regular period is 6 or 7 semesters for a Bachelor course, and 3 or 4 additional semesters for a Master course.
6. Where can I get information about the content of a particular course?
For general information, turn to the Study Counselling Centre. If necessary, the Centre will refer you to the course adviser of the respective department.
7. I’d like to have a look around at the UAS Jena - is that possible?
It is possible on the University Information Day staged at the end of March or early in April every year. The date will be announced well in advance on the homepage of the Study Counselling Centre.
8. Could I listen in on a lecture before registration?
The first three days of the Easter vacations are trial study days, where interested persons can attend a selection of lectures, seminars and practical workshops that are suitable to convey an impression of the regular study routine at the UAS Jena. No advance reservation is needed for attending.
9. Which courses require prior work placement, and for how long?
All engineering courses require that you either have completed a relevant vocational training or else a work placement of 8 to 12 weeks. For some courses, the entire work placement period or at least 8 weeks of it must have been completed and evidenced prior to the beginning of your study. To know which courses this applies to, find out elsewhere on this website, or ask the Study Counselling Centre, the Service Centre for Student Affairs or the Work Placement Office.
10. Where can I get a work placement?
General hints on companies for potential work placements can be obtained from the Work Placement Office.
11. Where can I get my work placement recognized?
Please turn to the Work Placement Office.
12. Where can I ask for accommodation in a hall of residence?
To apply for accommodation in a hall of residence, get a form from the Studentenwerk Jena-Weimar, Studentisches Wohnen, Postfach 10082, 07708 Jena (a student services organization) or at the INFOtake, a central information desk of the Studentenwerk. Submit the filled-in form to the above address.
13. Am I entitled to a grant, and where can I get the application form?
According to the German Education Support Act (BAföG), any student meeting the requirements specified in that Act is legally entitled to a financial grant. Detailed information is available at the INFOtake and at the Grants Department (Förderungsabteilung) of Studierendenwerk Thüringen. Ask for an application form there.
14. What is the semester contribution I have to pay, and what does it break down to?
For the summer 2017 semester, newly enrolled students have to pay a semester contribution of 191,40 €. This amount breaks down as follows:
Student Services (Studentenwerk): 58.00 €
Open regional railway ticket: 50.90 €
Local tram and bus ticket: 67,00 €
Fee for Student Council of UAS Jena: 6.00 €
VMT-Ticket: 9,20 €
New registered Students have to pay 15.00 € for the Thoska card.
15. Are all study courses offered in both the summer and winter semesters?
In the winter semester you can take up any of the study courses offered. In the summer semester, registration is possible for selected courses only. Please get detailed information on this website, from the Service Centre for Student Affairs or from the Study Counselling Centre, well in time before the start of the respective application period.