Tertulias and Tandems

The association Int.Ro-International Room made it, beside other activities, its business to public an actual list of tertulias in Jena and to organise tandems for interested students.

Int.Ro has its office at the International Centre and organises a range of international events througout the year.

When you are interested in international events which take place in Jena at the moment, have a look at international event calendarThe International Exchange Erasmus Student Network in Jena also organises events, tertulias and parties for international students.

International tertulias (Stammtisch) in Jena

The number of international students in Jena increases with every year and the interest of all kind of students in other cultures and languages likewise.

At international tertulias, which take place in an informal atmosphere in a bar or restaurant in Jena, students have the possibility to upgrade their language abilities and learn more about a foreign country and their culture. Moreover, it is a good meeting point to get to know new people and maybe friends for life.

Int.Ro – International Room has the actual list of all announced international tertulias which take place in Jena on its homepage. If you are interested in participating you find the list here.

If you want to create your own international tertulia or you just miss one please contact Int.Ro.

Tandems in Jena

Like the correspondent bike a tandem needs two persons to work. In a tandem every person offers his own language abilities and knowledge of his culture and receives the same of the other.

If you are interested in learning a foreign language and getting to know a foreign culture at first hand, please contact Int.Ro – International Room. Its members are ready to help you with finding a partner.

Here you will find further information about the tandem programme.

Interested in tandem via phone or e-mail or other media? Then check out eTandem!