Study Programmes

Bachelor is the first academic degree. A Bachelor's study extends over a standard period of six to eight semesters and comprises a number of study modules. The Bachelor graduate is qualified to enter an appropriate profession or a Master's study.
Students taking up a Master's study should have successfully completed a first-degree (Bachelor or Diplom) course, as a rule. Master's studies for full-time students extend over one or two years. They may be oriented either towards deepening the scientific penetration of the subject of the first-degree study, or towards accessing an added field of knowledge. 
A dual study is distinguished by close interlocking of theory and practice. The study course integrates training phases in a collaborating business enterprise. 
Our correspondence courses and career-integrated studies offer the opportunity to acquire a scientific qualification and degree while essentially maintaining one's occupation and lifestyle. Graduation often leads to new career prospects with higher salaries.



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