Games and Media Literacy

​Games and Media Literacy study in Jena 

New career-integrated Master's study in summer semester 2017

The new degree program openes up a broad field of activity in the games, theater and media education branches.
You will be qualified to create innovative concepts and projects, to initiate research and to take leadership positions. The teachers in the study program are nationally recognized experts.
Mrs Julia Marggraf, Department Social Work 
phone: 03641/ 205 800
email: julia.marggraf[at]

Course of study:

The curriculum imparts at first the basics of specific knowledge and practice area and deepens these over the course. The attendance days are 14-15 days per semester. There are two block-weeks out of the lecture period and two block-weekends performed per semester. The self-part units are maintained via online platforms. Venue is Jena.

The study course is part-time, fee-based and in modular form. It takes 4 semesters.

Career Opportunities:

The successful master degree qualifies students at the following levels:

  • Classification of game and media pedagogy
  • Game studies (theory/ research/ pedagogy)
  • Media theory, media research and media pedagogy
  • Media ethics and youth media protection
  • Research and development in the field of game and media pedagogy
  • Project conception; methods, practice, networks
  • Digital games in education

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