Master General Management (MBA)

General Management study in Jena

General Management studieren in Jena


  • Master of Arts (M. A.)
  • 3 semesters
  • Numerus Clausus: no


Elvira Babić
 +49 (0) 3641 / 205 148
email: master(at)

Career Opportunities:
As well as giving students a professional, in-depth training in economic theory and practice, the Master's degree course aims to foster in them the ability to understand complex interrelationships and adequately to react to them. Planning, monitoring, deliberating, conceptualizing, coordinating, organizing, directing and leading are fundamental skills that graduates must master. Students will be given an integrated and interconnected overview of aspects such as functions, processes and decision-making in markets, companies and management.
Essentially general in scope, the Master's degree course is not intended to focus on specific areas of research or career openings. Nevertheless, within the overall concept of the Master's degree course inherent specialization options can be identified which are related to the study goals set by the students themselves and which contribute to the achievement of these goals.
The Master's degree qualifies its holders for entry to the higher grades of the Civil Service and to study for a PhD.
Entry Requirements:
The entry requirement to the course is a Bachelor's degree in economics from a university or an academic degree from a university recognized as having at least equivalent status with at least 210 ECTS Credits.
The final grade on graduation should be at least "good". Where a Bachelor’s degree was obtained with fewer than 210 ECTS, it may be possible to take a special course to make up the missing credits. To be admitted on the Master’s degree course, proof is required that applicants have an adequate knowledge of English. This is normally provided by a TOEFL test or by the completion of a module in the Bachelor's degree course in English. This can include a module taught in English. Foreign applicants will also be required to prove they have adequate knowledge of German. If the number of applicants exceeds the planned admissions limit, a selection procedure will be carried out, the procedures for which will be determined by the Faculty Council.

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