Miniaturised Biotechnology

Miniaturised Biotechnology study in Jena

Miniaturisierte Biotechnologie studieren in Jena



  • Master of Science
  • 4 semesters
  • Numerus Clausus: no

Ms Elvira Babić
 +49 (0) 3641 / 205 148
email: master(at)


Career Opportunities: 
There are employment opportunities for graduates especially in the private sector, principally in research and development but also in research institutes with close links with industry and in state research institutes. 
  • Development of new biotechnical products.
  • Developments for substitution of conventional materials by biodegradable products.
  • Development of new miniaturised bioengineering processes.
  • System and product characterisation, development of test and control procedures.
  • Monitoring environmental impact studies and process reliability.
  • Development of new miniaturised systems for biotechnology.
  • Research in the fields of biotechnology and microsystem engineering.
  • System, kit and process development for biotechnical screening and medical diagnosis.
  • Adaptation and application of products and miniaturised bioengineering plants.
The demanding interdisciplinary and research-oriented training also qualifies graduates to work in different fields of pure and applied research as well as to take on managerial positions in research and development-oriented work in industry. 

Entry Requirements:
Applicants wishing to embark on the course will need to have a very good knowledge of the basic principles of science and mathematics and hold a Bachelor’s degree in a scientific or engineering science discipline. The course has been designed for capable and highly motivated Bachelor degree holders and experts with previous professional experience who wish to acquire competences in the field of miniaturised biotechnology.
Please contact the International Office or the Master's Studies Service Centre.

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