Mechatronics study in Jena

Mechatronik studieren in Jena

  • Master of Engineering
  • 3 semesters
  • Numerus Clausus: no


Ms Elvira Babić
 +49 (0) 3641 / 205 148
email: master(at)


Career Opportunities: 
In addition to consolidating students' mathematical and scientific knowledge, the program aims to teach the fundamentals of the development of mechatronic systems. The compulsory subjects cover a wide range of Mechanical, Information Technology and Control Engineering applications. Students have the opportunity of developing technical areas of specialization for themselves within the elective and consolidation modules, the project development project and the Master Thesis.
In this way students develop the ability to work independently using scientific methods, as well as developing and mastering new systems, including research and development work.

Entry Requirements: 
Bachelor’s degree in mechatronics awarded by the University of Applied Sciences Jena or an academic degree recognized as being of equal value in the same or related field of study from another educational establishment.
The final grade on graduation must be at least "good" or else proof must be provided of several years of successful employment in the subject area.
Decisions on admission to the Master’s degree program are made by the relevant examination board on application by the prospective student. 

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