Social Work
Master of Arts
Duration3 semesters
Career Opportunities

Social changes and problems and the resulting need for social and socio-political management have led to a growing need for executive personnel in the field of social work who can meet the challenges presented by structuring and restructuring processes in a professional manner.
The graduates of this course have the chance to the following occupations among others:

  • Research and development activities
  • Tasks in Higher service
  • Performing executive tasks in the fields of social work.
Entry Requirements

The entrance requirements for admission to the course are: a Bachelor's or Master's degree or equivalent in the field of social work with a final grade of 2.0 or better (equates to B+ / good) or a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or equivalent in a social science, behavioural science, arts or educational science discipline and at least two years of professional experience in a social work field with a final grade of 2.0 or better(equates to B+ / good); a letter of motivation explaining the reason for wanting to study in the Master's degree programme.
Foreign students need to pass the German language examination (DSH), required for admission to higher education institutions.
International students who apply for the full-time course have to pass the language exams DSH 2 or DSH 3 or Test DAF with 4 or 5 points in all portions.

15.08. & 15.02.
in German