German Courses
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German Courses
The course offer comprises a wide range of language classes starting from the beginners‘ level (A1-2) up to C1 which proves essential when German is needed for your professional life or training and studies.
During the summer term we offer three courses for beginners with very elementary knowledge of German. The course would lead to A2 and starts at A1.2 which means that students already had the winter term to become familiar with the basic structure and some vocabulary of German. Students are able to introduce themselves and can understand and use some everyday expressions.
However there is a course aimed at all the exchange students from all over the world. Previous courses have proved to establish a rather heterogeneous group of students whose command of German may vary between A2 and C1. Most students from abroad can understand the main points when clear and standard language is used and the focus is on familiar topics. As they can communicate well and can express themselves simply and coherently the group’s level can be stated as B1 (average).
Students who have finished either DSH or TestDaF exams have the option to study German where native German students must take Technical English or English for Specific Purposes. Their command of German is quite profound and they do not only understand the main ideas of complex texts but would also be able to follow specialized discussions in their primary area of study. They can communicate spontaneously and fluently with native speakers without a great deal of effort. They can explain their position on a current issue and would usually be grouped as B2 students.
A1, B1, B2
A2, B1, B2-C1