I M 2013
Berlin, 11.-13.10.2013
international meeting of collectors and researchers   

of slide rules and other computing instruments   

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The Berlin International Meeting, October 2013

This year's IM will be held in central Berlin, near the Technical University. The place also provides a theme for some of the sessions: Berlin was and is not only a place for politics and culture, but an industrial metropolis. Since the mid of the 19th century Berlin exploded in area and population, and it became the largest industrial city in central Europe before World War II. The second industrial revolution not only meant production plants, but also facilities for research and development in the city. Famous names like Borsig, Siemens, AEG stand out, but there are many, many more. All that was not possible without the right tools, and this resulted in the choice for the theme of this 19th IM in Berlin:

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