Scientific Instrumentation Master's degree programme

Dear SI students!

We will be happy to give you all the support which is required for your studies. The very large number of students and the very limited number of staff assigned to the organization of the course, however, makes your active and strong support necessary:

- If you are having a question please study this internet page first. Most of the questions which we are asked by students are actually already answered on our internet pages.
- Please respect the announced contact hours. We do not have the capacity for individual appointments.
- Be well prepared when you come to a contact hour. I.e., check which documents are required for your wish and bring all of them with you. Please check the current version of this internet pages as there may be changes in the processes from time to time.
- Please find the person or division in charge of your particular concern (see below) and contact them directly.
- Do not contact several persons with the same request.
- Do not double post emails.

Please check the up-to-date information given here carefully and follow the guidelines step by step. You will also find many answers to frequently asked questions.

Contact hours and current items

Dr. Danny von Nordheim   

Coordinator - ServiceZentrum Studium und Studienberatung



Contact hours:

Monday, 10:00 - 12:00

Tuesday, 09:00 - 12:00

Thursday, 13:00 - 15:30

Dr. Dirk Schlegel

Departmental Coordinator for International Students / Internship Office



Prof. Dr. Bernd Ploss

Course Leader Scientific Instrumentation



Contact hours:

see personal homepage

Please have all your documents carefully and completely prepared (as described in the respective guidelines)
when you want the approval of an application. Students with incomplete documents will have to return at a later time.

I am sorry that I am no longer able to respond to requests for individual appointments for the approval of applications
- the number of students with such requests has become too big to be handled.

Applications for internships and theses (Appendices 3 to 5) will be approved by Dr. Schlegel when Prof. Ploss is not available.

Dear SI students, the course leader is not a member of professional networks like LinkedIn. Therefore, please don't be disappointed if there will be no response to invitations to join such a network.

Organisational Issues

Contact addresses for SI students in our university. Here you find whom to contact with your specific questions.
Summer semester 2019 calender
Winter semester 2018/19, summer semester 2019 dates
Winter semester 2019/20, summer semester 2020 dates
Course calendar

Study and exam orders

Study- and Examination-Manual Version Summer Semester 2013
Studienordnung Version Oktober 2011 (German)
Pruefungsordnung Version Oktober 2011 (German)
Please check the orders carefully, their knowledge is essential for a successful study.


Type and duration of each examination is specified in the study and exam orders. They will, of course, also be explained by the lecturers in the courses.
Students must register for examinations within the time limit. The Examination Office will announce the time limits and the way to register on the
Internet pages of the examination office under "Aktuelles". Without registration a student is not allowed to take the examination.

If you have failed an exam it is compulsory that you take the next exam offered as your repeat exam. Nevertheless, you should also register. (Nonappearance counts as failure, even if you have not registered!)

If you can not attend an examination because of illness you have to apply for withdrawal using this form and hand it in together with a doctor's certificate to the examination office by the end of the third workday following the examination date at the latest.

For modules which include laboratory work the successful pass of the lab course is a prerequisite for awarding the module grade. Usually written lab reports are required. To avoid a delay of your studies please hand in the lab reports in time and check with the lecturer if they have been acknowledged.
For the lab reports to be checked please calculate with the same time interval as between the date of the lab experiment and the hand in of the report. A retake of the lab course will usually be required when the deadline as notified by the lecturer is substantially exceeded.

To see the results of your exams you can make a printout of your Marksheet at the terminal in the ground floor of house 2.

The presentation held on January 9th, 2018 will give you a short overview over important points regarding examinations. Please consider, that this presentation is not a legally binding document. All points have been compiled using the authors understanding of the examination regulations. If you have any doubts regarding the exams, please consult the German version of the examination regulations or visit the examination branch during the office hours. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if further questions arise.

Mesomodules in semester 2

Presentation of the Mesomodules

Soft Skills and Non-Technical Compulsory Elective Modules

Please use the Record form for Elective and Soft Skills Modules to have your choice of Soft Skills and Non-Technical Compulsory Elective Modules (if other than German as a Foreign Language) approved by the Departmental Coordinator. After the examination please have it signed by the lecturer and send the filled form to the Examination Office III.

Tutors will be needed to support the new batch of students who will enter our course in the winter semester. The function as a tutor plus the submission of a report may either count as Soft Skills or it can be paid. SI students who like to be a tutor please fill the Tutor registration form and submit it to Mr. Schäf in the Foreign Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt).

Research Internship and Master's Thesis

For students immatriculated up to WS 2017/18:

The Instruction Sheet Research Internship (Ver 06.10.2015) describes step by step what to do. It includes also the relevant forms.

The Instruction Sheet Master's Thesis (Ver 06.10.2015) describes the process for the Master's Thesis.

Info letter for institutes and R+D departments, for students immatriculated up to WS 2017/18 in English

Info letter for institutes and R+D departments, for students immatriculated up to WS 2017/18 in German

For students immatriculated from WS 2018/19:

Please consider that the required duration of the research internship is 5 months!

The Instruction Sheet Research Internship (Ver 30.07.2019) describes step by step what to do. It includes also the relevant forms.

The Instruction Sheet Master's Thesis (Ver 30.07.2019) describes the process for the Master's Thesis.

Info letter for institutes and R+D departments, for students immatriculated from WS 2018/19 in English

Info letter for institutes and R+D departments, for students immatriculated from WS 2018/19 in German

To have a good chance for success please put very much care into the preparation of your application for an internship or thesis position. In guidebooks or in the internet you can find a lot of information about the essentials of the cover letter and the compilation of the credentials. Information is also found in the following presentation:

How to apply in Germany - Presentation by Mr. K. Neumann, International Office

The Career Service of our university is kindly offering to have a final check of your application. (Please have a draft of your application carefully prepared before you contact the Career Service).
The Welcome Center Thuringia is also offering consultation for applications and a data base of job offerings (including internships) in Thuringia.

Colloquium on the Master's Thesis

The date for the colloquium will be set after the the Master's Thesis has been submitted to the Dean's office and after (positive) experts' reports from internal mentor and academic supervisor have been received.
Legally, the arrangement of a date for the colloquium includes the message that the Master's Thesis has been passed. Therefore, such a date can only be given after the necessary conditions are fulfilled.

Request for a recommendation letter for visa extension

If you need a visa extension please follow the Visa extension guide.
Please fill the form Request for a recommendation letter for visa extension
and send it by email together with a copy of your mark sheet and further documents to
Dr. Schlegel: office 04.02.44,
Please send your request at least 4 weeks before your appointment with the Ausländerbehörde.

Successful completion of the course

Some days after the successful completion of the course with your colloquium you may contact the Examination Office III to check that all your files are ok. If required a provisional confirmation of the completion of the course can be issued.
For the exmatriculation please fill the Application for exmatriculation form.
The guideline explains the exmatriculation procedure. After completion of the course your knowledge in German language will also be good enough to read this guideline in German language.